Old Bus Tickets

Lewis’s Coaches Pailton Rugby


This ticket is on thin paper and obviously is in book form before issue, it is perforated top, bottom and left, not sure how many tickets per page. To start the ball rolling I’ll guess at six if it helps I have another ticket numbered 79 and that is perforated on the same edges.
As can be seen it is a W. G. A. Workmans daily return and with the aid of Google I have come up with Whitworth Gloster Aircraft who were based at RAF Bitteswell. The ticket can be dated between1961 and 1963 because Whitworth Gloster Aircraft Ltd was formed as a division of the Hawker Siddeley Group in 1961 but two years later Whitworth Gloster merged, to become part of the Avro Whitworth Division of Hawker Siddeley. 
There is a Lewis Coaches based in Coventry not Pailton who run 13 service routes in total and one of their routes goes through Pailton could they be the same company. RAF Bitteswell no longer exists it is now an industrial estate.


24/08/11 – 11:54

Interesting ticket you have there. Lewis’s coaches ran several (4?) daily coaches covering many areas Coventry to Bitteswell Aerodrome, right up until the aerodrome closed. (About ’82 if I remember rightly.) I worked there from ’74 until ’81 and the journey was always pleasurable, if quite long. Interestingly, we were never penalised if there was trouble with the transport. I’m not sure if the Coventry company you mention is the same one. Lewis’s (Pailton) were cream coloured with red writing, the L often being mistaken for a J. It was always said (though unproven) that Norman Lewis had built his coach empire on the back of that particular contract. Hope this little memory is of interest.

Mark Rewhorn


27/02/12 – 15:41

Lewis’s Coaches of Pailton are no connection to Lewis Coaches in Coventry. Lewis’s in Pailton were a long established coach operator with traceable beginnings back to 1904! In the mid 1920s they sold a lot of their work to "Midland Red" for a good sum back in them days and sale contract used to be displayed in their office, I know as I worked for them! They did have a lot of vehicles tied up on this contract, in fact I’m told all of the runs were Lewis’s but they contracted them out. Lewis’s always operated a very modern fleet of mainly Ford coaches with Plaxton bodies. I think one year they bought a whole brand new fleet, and would not be uncommon for four brand new vehicles to be delivered each year! After Bitteswell closed they did school contracts and private hires and owned two travel agencies, one in Rugby and Lutterworth and had their own extensive UK & European Tour Program, always operated with their own coaches. In later years they bought DAF’s, then Dennis’s and the last two coaches were Iveco Beulas. In 2000 Lewis’s closed the doors after selling a prime village location for a housing development, and the end of a very old coach business came to an end.

Ben Hobday