Old Bus Tickets

Sidmouth Motor Co & Dagworthy Ltd – Bell Punch

sidmouth_and_dagworthy                  From the Sidney R G Page collection

Larger than normal these tickets 3⅛” deep by 1¾” wide (80mm x 45mm) both have the same advert for the Tea Garden on the reverse. They are for two routes from Sidmouth one to Peak Hill to the west of Sidmouth and the other to Salcombe Hill east of Sidmouth which resulted in the stages not being classed as In or Out as usual but instead rather amusingly Up and Down. Apparently a Mr Dagworthy owned the first car in Sidmouth in 1908 and the Sidmouth Motor Co & Dagworthy Ltd ran Charabanc trips on the two routes in the 1920/30s later they moved on to Toastrack type vehicles. I think it was only a summer service so not sure if they progressed to conventional buses before take over by Devon General in the 50s. All the above information was gleaned from various websites and corrections, I feel sure there will be some, are more than welcome.