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Portsmouth Corporation – TIM


Two different versions of this C. P. P. T. D. TIM ticket, well I’ve got the Transport Department but but the C. P. P. as me completely baffled I know it was issued by a corporation as it says ‘Issued subject to the corporation by-laws…’ Maybe the second ‘P’ is for passenger and I also wonder if it could be two small towns which are near to each other having a joint bus operation for example and this is myth believe me ‘Castleford & Pontefract Passenger Transport Department’.
I know how you all like these mystery tickets and I feel quite confident that someone will come up with the answer very soon.


20/07/11 – 06:00

At a guess, City of Portsmouth Passenger Transport Department.

Stephen Ford


20/07/11 – 06:02

One of those things that once you know, you don’t forget. City of Portsmouth Passenger Transport Department! I think Cardiff used to do a similar thing but it was less obvious as both City and Cardiff began with a ‘c’, in their case it was C. C. T. A few corporations put the ‘P’ in – Oldham were almost always OCPTD, although the Setright ticket shown elsewhere on this site is a notable exception. Earlier punch tickets were headed ‘OCT’.

David Beilby


20/07/11 – 06:04

Oh dear! City of Portsmouth Passenger Transport Department, a long-time TIM user. Machine 434 was an early postwar long-range; 326 a pre-war TIM ‘Standard’.



20/07/11 – 06:06

City of Portsmouth Passenger Transport Department
The lower ticket is from a pre-war TIM, the upper ticket post-war.
It seems they gave up on service number and date in later years…



20/07/11 – 06:08

Corporation of Portsmouth ??

Roger Townend


20/07/11 – 06:13

TIM’s were used by the "City of Portsmouth Passenger Transport Department". I’d guess these are theirs.

Mike Grant