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Salford City Transport – TIM


The above TIM is from Salford City Transport (although it’s difficult to tell, owing to the substantial ink-dry area at the top of the ticket). As can be seen, it was issued on 23 April 1963, during a visit to a number of Manchester area loco sheds (Patricroft, Agecroft, Longsight, Newton Heath and Gorton) by myself and a group of friends. Having arrived at the late lamented Manchester Central, I am pretty sure that Patricroft was our first port of call, and that we went thither by a Salford City Transport no.67 – one of the 1962 Daimler CVG6s I think. I recall travelling on at least two of the earlier 1951 exposed radiator CVG6s later in the day, followed by a MCT Leyland PD2 out to Gorton. It will be noted that Salford at this time preferred black to the more widely used purple ink for their machines.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Stephen Ford


15/08/11 – 14:11


Hi Stephen I thought this Salford City Transport TIM from my collection would help as it shows the wording missing on yours mind you mine is not perfect as you can see. Out of the 20 odd I have there isn’t a perfect one to be seen in fact above is about the best, maybe Salfords machines were all past there use by date. Personally I’m not over keen about the black ink or I’m just used to the blue/purple.



30/12/11 – 09:19

I thought I’d contribute a scan of this Salford City Transport TIM from 1950 as the ink at the top of the ticket is quite legible.


I have other earlier examples that are printed in a variety of colours including green, red and purple inks (and can provide scans if anyone is interested).
I should explain that I am ‘very’ new to the world of vintage bus & tram tickets. I recently purchased a collection and am enjoying the process of learning an entirely new field of collecting. Can anyone recommend any good beginner’s guides? I’ve been searching the internet and have found a few helpful websites including this one!
I do have a couple of questions which I’m hoping someone can shed some light on.
1. How does one date old punch tickets?
2. Is there a trick to differentiate a bus ticket from a tram ticket? I have some punch tickets with "Salford City Tramways" printed on them but I’m assuming "Salford City Transport" tickets could also have been used on trams up until 1947.

Steve Clifford