Old Bus Tickets

Hull Corporation – Autofare


These Bell Autofare tickets were used by KHCT from 1972 when the fleet became 100% OMO. The ticket issuing machine was located at the rear of the drivers bulkhead thus the passenger cleared the boarding area in order to collect the ticket.KHCT number
I have never deciphered the meaning of the numbers, but the sideways item at the second place was the unit number, but I assume the next four were serial, but the final one I am unaware of the meaning.
Also shown are the three different reverse sides.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Keith Easton


02/10/11 – 07:26

The first and last figures (the 9 and the 8 on ticket 3355) will be the fare stage and fare value / fare code.
The configuration varied slightly between operators. WMPTE used codes 0 to 9 to represent different fare values. There’s a copy of a leaflet here – http://www.flickr.com/photos/walsall1955/4816514740/ – which shows a slightly different ticket layout.



08/10/11 – 05:54

Keith, I have just come across your query relating to ‘Autofare’ ticket/s.
From the left are Fare Paid/Machine No.& Stage No./ Ticket serial No. hope this is clear.
I have Autofare from:- Barrow, Derby C.T., KHCT, London T.B., Lincoln, Lothian, Newport, Tayside & West Midlands. I don’t think there were many other users and most gave poor printouts!

Peter Abel

Hull Corporation – Ultimate

Hull Corporation - Ultimate

Following the recent H-C-T ticket of the TIM system, here are three Ultimates with the time-honoured KHCT title. I never personally travelled on Hull’s blue buses with the distinctive swooping white stripes, and I think these were passed on to me by a friend who was at Hull University in the late 1960s. The reverse sides advertise office equipment presumably by Bell Punch Co. associates. No doubt it was advanced then, but reduced to museum items now (like the Ultimate ticket machine) through more recent technology.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Stephen Ford


I hope you don’t mind Stephen if I pop in two K.H.C.T. Ultimate tickets from the Old Bus Tickets collection they are of an older style than yours. Judging by the typeface I think the ½d ticket is the older of the two.



22/08/11 – 07:45

Hull switched to one man operation in the early seventies and achieved complete conversion quickly being one of the first operators to do this. They used a no change exact fare system which involved a machine that produced the passengers ticket. Interestingly the tickets were standard Ultimates rather than a version of todays white strips.

Chris Hough


There is a very detailed history of the Bell Punch Company’s ventures in calculators / comptometers at this link.
Automaticket was indeed part of Bell Punch – this name tended to be used for non transport ticketing functions. As well as specialist machines (e.g. for betting slips, cinemas etc) there are Ultimate machines out there carrying ‘Automaticket Ltd’ makers plates – these tended to be sold for functions like car parking etc. I also believe that Bellgraphics were also sold under the Automaticket name.
Taximeters were another of the Company’s products.
Another history of the company is at this link.
As for the exact fare system – would this have been the Autofare system? Tickets were not quite ‘standard Ultimate’ tickets, in that there was just one ticket roll, and the fare was printed on the ticket.


Hull Corporation – TIM

This is a confusing ticket H – C – T with an advertisement for Loxhams a Morecambe garage surely the H – C – T is not for Heysham Corporation Transport. I don’t think so because in 1928 Heysham joined with Morecambe to create the new Morecambe & Heysham Corporation Transport Department. I thought I would look up in BBFs what ticket system Morecambe used and it was the T.I.M. system so that didn’t help. I then looked up Huddersfield, Halifax and Hartlepool I even looked up Hull knowing that it was Kingston upon Hull with the initials KHCT, all four were Ultimate users. That just left Haslingden and they did use T.I.M tickets but the ones I have seen are headed Haslingden C.T.D. I know Halifax tried out the T.I.M. system for a time as I have one but that is headed Halifax C.P.T & J.C. Did Huddersfield, Hartlepool or Hull try out the T.I.M. system and headed them as H – C – T. 
So its over to you chaps you usually solve these little puzzles.


06/08/11 – 15:22

From the Yorkshire Teabags website here it appears that these are Hull Corporation. However the two shown on that website were issued in 1934 and 1948 respectively, so it would appear that they used TIM for quite a long time. There must be someone from the East Yorkshire fraternity who can say when KHCT went over to Ultimate (of which I will send a couple shortly). Why they would advertise a car hire business on the other side of the country I don’t know, unless they were surplus stock offered cheap by the printer maybe?

Stephen Ford


07/08/11 – 15:29

The ticket is issued through a Hull machine that was subsequently sold to Morecambe & Heysham CTD, hence the local advertisement on the back.
The later Hull prewar type machines were lightly used as they went onto Ultimates in the late 1940s/early 1950s. Some were sold to other operators and some stored. I have machine 77, still inked in red and in very nice condition.
A unique, I think, feature of the Hull machines was the STAGE NUMBER box. Most operators accepted the standard STAGE BOARDED.

David Harman