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Liverpool Corporation – TIM

Liverpool Tim

This TIM ticket is to add my contribution to the various Liverpool Corporation bus tickets on site, we have already had Ultimates from Ron Wood and Punched from the Sidney R G Page collection. This ticket is dated 15 March 1958 which is rather early for my collecting days so not sure how I got this one it is the only one I have, I did have quite a few given though from a neighbour who collected everything could be one of them. Bit off the point but the neighbour in question had a collection of milk bottles Pint, ½ Pint and Gill of all shapes he also gave me a platform ticket from the railway station with the longest name on Anglesey.

Liverpool Corporation – Ultimate

Liverpool Ultimate

These Liverpool Corporation Ultimate tickets shots were contributed by Ron Wood with the followingaus_add comment.

Further to the previous Birkenhead ticket I have managed to find some of the old Liverpool tickets which are from the 1964-65 era. I believe that to be the case as the fare to town went up from 7d to 8d and they would use 2 x 4d tickets for the 8d fare. Also there is an advert on the rear of one about emigrating to Australia. I recall that one of my brothers was going to go following an advert in the Liverpool Echo for tram conductors in Melbourne. He decided against it eventually and got a job at Stavely Taylors.

lpool 1dLCPT olderlpool 7d

lpool ads

I think these tickets predate the overprinted type above and the adverts on the revers are quite interesting too I personally prefer the style of them to the overprinted type. Both types above were printed either by Bell Punch Co London or Oller Ltd London.

Photograph and Part Copy contributed by Ron Wood


09/10/11 – 06:44

On the face of it, it would appear that the 4d. tickets shown were for two separate fares as both tickets carry a printed fare stage; the 3d, 5d and 1/- tickets only have the stage printed on one half, and would seem to be multiple issues. (I seem to remember that on some Ultimate machines a bar, such as //////// , would overprint the ticket number on the second part of a multiple.
If the fare to town was 8d, then 2/- must have taken you a long way!

David Todd


I can make out a row of \\\\ on the second ticket of the 3d / 5d issue, and think there may be on the 1/- ticket.
The default standard for the Ultimate was to include this feature for issuing combined double tickets – it was activated by the small circular button under each issue lever. Generally, the counter on each unit would only register a double ticket being issued. That way it was easy to tell how many actual passengers had been carried and at each fare (as well as just the cash total) – e.g. if 500 6d tickets had been issued, but 50 double tickets issued, then 400 passengers had been carried at 6d fare, 50 at 1/- fare and so on.
It was also easy for an inspector to tell whether a passenger was holding two 6d tickets or a 1/- ticket.
Usually the counter at the far left of the machine would be a ‘total register number’ and count each ticket (counting 2 for a double issue) – although some operators had machines where all the counters only registered double tickets.
London Transport (central buses – I’ve never knowingly met a country bus Ultimate) did not want this feature, and their Ultimates had all but the total register number counter painted over, and the double issue buttons fixed in place. (presumably removing these items would have been more costly.)
It was possible to specify machines that only issued double length tickets – these probably tended to be for non PSV use.



28/10/11 – 14:32

The average run in to ‘town’ from the suburbs may have been 8d to somewhere like London Road/Lime St and a bit more on to the Pier Head whereas the long cross town 500 limited stop service from Speke to Kirkby could easily have been 2/-.

Mr Anon

Liverpool Corporation – Punched

Liverpool Corporation - Bell Punch                             From the Sidney R G Page collection

In the recent Birkenhead Bell Punch posting I mentioned if Liverpool Corporation had their tickets printed by Auto-Tickets Limited of Birkenhead. So I thought I would post them on site, there is no printers name on them, mind you there is miniscule mention of Liverpool Corporation as well or in the case of the 1½d L.C.P.T. Still I think they are still worth posting, I will post the Liverpool Corporation Ultimate tickets from the Old Bus Photos collection in the near future.

Were “Dob BOs” a fancy name for ‘Moth Balls’?


01/09/11 – 07:17

Merseytravel have published a brief history of their HQ at 24 Hatton Garden -  at this link (opens as pdf file)
Page 5 refers to ticket printing happening there between 1916 and the 1950s, so I think the suggestion they printed their own tickets is right.
Page 10 has a picture of 1930s conductors with what look like ‘Barker’ punches.