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Kemps Bus Services – Bell Punch

Kemps Bus Services - Bell Punch           From the Sidney R G Page collection

A Week or so ago on the Old Bus Photos site there was gallery from Ray Soper titled ‘Chiltern Queens of Woodcote’ and in the comment for the Tilling Stevens it states that it passed from Kemp’s Motor Services with the formation of Chiltern Queens in July 1955. I am presuming from the comment that Kemp Motor Services was one of another or others bus company(ies) amalgamating to form a larger company rather than Kemps just being taken over.
I knew there was a few Kemps Tickets in the Old Bus Tickets collection so I thought I would post them, the Checkendon 54 phone number is interesting must of been nice having only two digits to remember, even I could do that.
All tickets are blank on the reverse and were printed by Bell Punch London, there is a question on the Q&As page at the moment headed ‘Printer’s plate numbers’ so the plate number for all three of these tickets is A6600.


21/09/11 – 06:43

Thanks very much for adding that the plate numbers (also referred to as block numbers) are the same.
This shows that the block was just for the main print, with the overprint (price on these tickets) not being referred to by the number.
Take a block, mount it with others and print on appropriate colour sheet, then add the numbers and overprints and then staple and cut – then sort out the small orders for different companies! I wonder if the printing was done in three separate runs?

Bill Nichols