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F & J Mitchell – Insert Setright

F_J_Mitchell_lr                               From the Sidney R G Page collection

The other day I was sorting through a rather large wad of Insert Setright tickets from operators such as W. S. M. T, S O Ltd and Clyde Coast just to mention a few when I came across the two tickets above. They were issued by F. & J. Mitchell of Burnside, Luthermuir which is about 40 mile north of Dundee Scotland. There is very little on the internet for them except that they were apparently ‘absorbed by Alexanders’ I should imagine that would have been W Alexander & Son (Northern) Ltd.
The green ticket on the left would be used for whole penny fares ie 5d, 7d 9d etc and the beige ticket on the right would be used for any fare that incurred an ½d fare, the ticket above was stamped for ten pence therefore the total fare charged for the journey taken would have been 10½d.  One thing I find strange is an Inward and Outward on the green ticket but not on the beige ticket.
I was going to call it a day at this point but I thought I would look through the Scottish News Round Up in the few Buses Illustrated magazines that I have and sure enough I found two entries for Mitchell Luthermuir.

1st entry November 1965.

Mitchell Luthermuir Four vehicles now in this fleet are JYG 740/8 Bristol LWL6Bs with ECW FC35F bodies ex West Yorks SBW11, 5. BTS 187, a Maudslay Marathon III with Plaxton C33F coachwork formerly with Hogg, Carlisle and 346 CGE a Plaxton C41f bodied Thames Trader, ex Simpson, Rosehearty.”

2nd entry March 1966

Mitchell Luthermuir has acquired TUJ 260 a Burlingham C41F bodied Ford Thames Trader ex Marshall, Blackpool.

So that gives us a bit of an idea of the vehicles in the F & J Mitchell fleet the ex West Yorks seem a bit strange maybe they had been rebodied from there B39R days I know a few chaps that will sort that one out.


30/09/11 – 09:32

Sorry to explode the "mystery", but there’s nothing strange about West Yorkshire JYG 740/8. Both were new as LWL6B full front 35 seat coaches and remained so all their lives. There were many LWL6B 39 seat service buses bought at the same time, hence the confusion. I hope this helps. It was West Yorkshire’s understandable and economically sensible practice to "downgrade" such fine vehicles as they grew older – so "CBWs" could be demoted to "EBW" (Express as opposed to coach) or even "SBW" (Single or service) – the final indignity, or perhaps more happily a tribute to their very long top quality usefulness.

Chris Youhill

Thanks for that Chris it was the SBW prefix code that threw me it should of read EBW11, 5. in Buses Illustrated.


05/11/11 – 07:41

Mitchells acquired their Insert Setrights secondhand, including some early Narrow ones ex Alexanders, and some ex East Kent normal width ones.
I have B49 in my collection ex Alexanders.

Allan T Condie


25/11/11 – 13:49

I would add that the two Mitchell Tickets shown are actually issued through a normal width machine 1321. This was machine B48 which was new to East Kent Road Car in 1947 – I have this machine in my collection. It had been converted from type B to type A but I have restored it as type B as an East Kent Machine.

Allan T Condie


31/12/11 – 09:51

f j mitchell 2

Here are a couple more ‘Insert’ tickets which show the two widths used by this Company. The actual sizes are:
Narrow 27mm x 64mm (Return)
Wide 32mm x 79mm (Weekly)
Both are blank on the reverse.
Sorry that I can’t add any more about the Company, as Scotland is rather outside my area of interest.

Bill Nichols


28/02/12 – 09:15

My late mother was Lily-Ann (nee) Mitchell who was a clippie on the F & J Mitchell buses, which ran from Luthermuir. My grandfather (deceased before I was born) was James Mitchell. He and his brother Frank ran this company until they had a disagreement and the company was dissolved. When I was a small child we had the bus ticket dispenser and lots of tickets to play with.
I recognise the tickets from then.

Alexandra Compton