Old Bus Tickets

Hull Corporation – Autofare


These Bell Autofare tickets were used by KHCT from 1972 when the fleet became 100% OMO. The ticket issuing machine was located at the rear of the drivers bulkhead thus the passenger cleared the boarding area in order to collect the ticket.KHCT number
I have never deciphered the meaning of the numbers, but the sideways item at the second place was the unit number, but I assume the next four were serial, but the final one I am unaware of the meaning.
Also shown are the three different reverse sides.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Keith Easton


02/10/11 – 07:26

The first and last figures (the 9 and the 8 on ticket 3355) will be the fare stage and fare value / fare code.
The configuration varied slightly between operators. WMPTE used codes 0 to 9 to represent different fare values. There’s a copy of a leaflet here – http://www.flickr.com/photos/walsall1955/4816514740/ – which shows a slightly different ticket layout.



08/10/11 – 05:54

Keith, I have just come across your query relating to ‘Autofare’ ticket/s.
From the left are Fare Paid/Machine No.& Stage No./ Ticket serial No. hope this is clear.
I have Autofare from:- Barrow, Derby C.T., KHCT, London T.B., Lincoln, Lothian, Newport, Tayside & West Midlands. I don’t think there were many other users and most gave poor printouts!

Peter Abel