Old Bus Tickets

Lincoln Corporation – Verometer


The Verometer, made by Clayton Dewandre of Lincoln, is one of the rarer ticket machines, Midland Red and Lincoln Corporation being the only bus operators to use them in any quantity. Production ran from about 1932 to 1940 and did not resume after the war.
Lincoln adopted them as standard in 1934 after a trial in 1933. Lack of availability of spare parts led to the resumption of use of Williamson punches in 1951 prior to introduction of Ultimate machines the following year.
The ticket is similar in size to a standard TIM ticket but on slightly thicker paper. Never having met a Lincoln Verometer (even the Midland Red machines are very sought after – a recent very good example selling for a sum in four figures).
I can’t be certain what all the numbers mean. The figure 232 may be the date or a code representing the date, the ‘O’ may represent an outward (rather than inward) journey, "20" is implausible for a fare stage on a system with such short routes. No. 8 may be the machine number.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Jon