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Prestwell’s (Woodhouse Eaves) – Punched



I asked via the Old Bus Photos website for any information regarding Prestwell’s of Woodhouse Eaves and I received the following email.

I have lived in Woodhouse Eaves all my life and interested in the villages history. Prestwell’s started in 1920 and they were the villages first bus service, prior to that it was a carriers cart serving the village. Henry Hipwell, landlord of the Wheatsheaf Inn started the service along with his brother in law Edgar Preston hence the name PRESTon hipWELL. They continued until 1954 when they were taken over by Midland Red. The buses connected the village with Loughborough in one direction and Leicester in the other. I hope this information is of use to you by the way the other bus service in the village was A H Barkus.

Sue Catlow

Thank you Sue for the information lets hope some other information turns up that may help you with your interest in the history of Woodhouse Eaves.

Above we we have a straight forward 3d ticket printed by Bell Punch with a code which looks like D738 it is not printed on the reverse. The smaller ticket is a Workmens 12 journey I have done a blow up of the conditions of use which I think are quite interesting.


Quite a lot of Workmens weekly tickets employed a system of being punched on the day of use but I think Prestwell’s had a different system. 
It would appear that when you purchased a Workmens 12 journey ticket you received six tickets overprinted with a “W” and six without. Then on the morning journey you used a “W” ticket and on your way home you used a non “W” ticket and on both occasions the conductor gave you an exchange ticket. I also note that the “W” ticket had to be used before 9.0 a.m. I presume the non ”W” ticket had to used after 5.0 or perhaps 6.0 p.m. There system was quite good really as you didn’t have to do all the journeys in the same week which would be beneficial if you were taken ill for 3 days for example.
It would be good if someone had a non”W” and an exchange ticket I presume there were two exchange tickets one for the “W” and one for the non”W”. Anyway if anybody has any of these tickets please send a scan of them to .