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Corona Coaches (Sudbury)- Insert Setright

Corona Coaches_IS_lr           From the Sidney R G Page collection

Whilst researching Corona Coaches of whom I knew absolutely nothing apart from a good guess they were based at Sudbury, I came across a brilliant short story about them by Alan M Watkins. Now I know quite a lot about them, so not much point putting anything else here except the link to Alans story titled ‘Corona Coaches memories’


01/12/11 – 09:10

Alan Watkins memories gives the flavour of the Corona business and I can also recommend John Hibbs’ book for the full story. He later became Professor John Hibbs and is regarded by some as the architect of bus deregulation.
Sadly the owners of E.W.King closed their grocers shop at 8, Market Hill in November 2006 after 89 years in the same family. Despite being advertised on Corona tickets, the bus stop outside the shop was actually used by a different operator as you may see when I get round to submitting a certain picture to "old-bus-photos".

Nigel Turner