Old Bus Tickets

Silver Star Motor Service (Caernarvon) – Punched

I see that we already have Silver Star Motor Services (Carleton) and here is at least one more Silver Star. I say “at least” because I’m not completely convinced that they’re all from the same company.


These first ones are definitely from Silver Star Motor Service of Caernarvon [Caernarfon] from the advert, which is the same on all of them. I have 1d, 2d, 3d, 5d, 6d, 10d, 1/- and 1/2 all of the same design and printed by Williamson. As they only differ by the fare, only a couple are shown – the advert is the same on all of them. The reference to COUPON VALUES on the advert makes me think WW2 or post-war Ration Coupons.
This company has gone through some problems lately, http://www.northwaleschronicle.co.uk/ but is now on the road again as Silver Star Holidays Ltd. [Gwyliau Seren Arian Cyf].


These show Silver Star Service and there is no clue whatsoever to the area that these came from as the reverses are blank. They were printed by Bell Punch and the plate numbers are shown against each of the values of this type. No Fare (G5041), 1d (G5021), 2d (G5022), 3d (G5023), 5d (G5025) and 8d (G5028). My guess, based on the plate numbers, is that these date from about 1950.
Any suggestions for the “No Fare”? It’s certainly something that I’ve never seen before.
The only thing that they have in common with the definite Caernarvon ones is that the 1d is white – but many companies started with white 1d tickets.


More showing Silver Star Service, again printed by Bell Punch but this time with the fares shown by overprint and paper colour only – probably cheaper that way. Again the reverses are blank.
The Workers’ Returns show printing plate J3749 and the Singles J4112. My guess is that they are late 1950s. I have no idea whether the stamped date -2 MAY 1961 has any special significance. Any thoughts on the “Inter-available” on the returns?

For “Silver Star” we now have Carleton and Caernarvon, plus two more batches that may or may not be from Caernarvon.
There was also a Silver Star in the Salisbury (Wiltshire) area. They have a good write-up at http://www.countrybus.co.uk/ and some of their Setright Inserts are shown there. The heading on these tickets shows SILVER STAR / MOTOR SERVICES (plural).
Hants & Dorset started as The Silver Fleet … …

Photograph and Copy contributed by Bill Nichols