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Bere Regis & District Motor Services was probably the largest independent operator in the County of Dorset. There is a very good write-up on them at the link below which mentions their service to Poole and I can remember seeing their two-tone-brown vehicles at Poole Bus Station around 1950. The company had very few double-deckers, but one was usually used on the Poole service, often with a Bedford OB to take the overflow of passengers. Of course, having only a few double-deckers, there were occasions when one wasn’t available for this service and seemingly a whole fleet of Bedford OBs or WTBs would appear. We had relatives at Bere Regis and visited them occasionally, and I can vaguely remember the conductor (or maybe the driver) having to write out the tickets which then came out of a machine.
Now I’ve managed to obtain a couple of Bere Regis & District tickets and there is something of a mystery about one of them.

bere regis front

bere regis backScans slightly reduced to fit tickets side by side.

The one on the left is the usual kind of format for a country operator, but on the right is the unusual one and I have no reason to doubt the authenticity of it. Perhaps a clue is on the reverse – Bovington Camp is an army base and also home of the Tank Museum. Did Bere Regis & District ever run through to Sheffield? Not impossible as they had coaches. I rather think that it might have been issued in exchange for a warrant or even issued at the Camp, rather than for cash. Could it perhaps have been issued for a subsequent journey by train or another coach operator?

Photograph and Copy contributed by Bill Nichols

Link to write-up of Bere Regis & District http://www.countrybus.co.uk/


04/01/12 – 08:45

Bere Regis had many forces leave express services in the 1950s and these lasted until the 1970s. The Bovingdon Camp Bellgraphic was used on these, from that camp. There was another Bellgraphic ticket form, but with red background grid. This had ‘Blandford Camp’ on the back.

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