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Wm Stokes & Sons – Inserted Setright

Wm Stokes_lr                          From the Sidney R G Page collection

Wm Stokes & Sons were based in Carstairs Village, Lanarkshire, Scotland which is a quite away from my area so I know very little about them really. It would appear the business started in 1925 as an Haulage company and it wasn’t until the early 50s that the coach operation began. A lot of their business was contract work transporting coal miners to and from the pits, coaches were also provided for several holiday travel companies and of course the school buses. They must of had some form stage work which according to The Bus and Coach forum they finished in 2007 but apparently the coach side carried on after that, hopefully someone may know more.


13/01/12 – 11:13

As far as I know the coaching side of the business ceased in 2011 but I think they are still haulage contractors.

Philip Carlton