Old Bus Tickets

Silver Queen – Punched

Silver Queen

Silver Queen rev

Here we have our fourth ticket from an operator with Silver in their name this time Silver Queen. The reverse of the two tickets are shown, one being an advert for the Company in question. I wonder whether the base was at Chichester or Bognor Regis, although they’re not far apart. Both tickets are on Bell Punch plate 5017 (no prefix), making them about 1929-30, and the ‘overprint’ fare appears to have been printed before the main body of the tickets.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Bill Nichols


18/02/12 – 11:38

I have some info on this operator, mostly taken from Alan Lambert’s book on "Hants & Sussex" and Colin Morris’ Southdown history.
Cecil James Walling began operations in July 1920, running from Bognor Regis to Slindon as "Silver Queen". At one point he was in partnership with Ernest John Parker but from March 23rd 1927 he was on his own again.
In late 1943 Basil Williams of "Hants & Sussex" agreed to purchase the business but came unstuck when the South Eastern Regional Commissioner refused to transfer the licence. Mr. Walling then sold the goodwill of the service to Southdown for £10,579 on December 21st 1944. Subsequently he sold his premises in Fontwell Avenue, Eastergate on April 5th 1945 to Southdown who used the garage until 1961.

Nigel Turner