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Hebble Motor Services – Setright Speed

Hebble Setright Speed

Hebble had used Automacheckit (I still can’t get used to not calling them Bellgraphic !) machines until the mid-1960′s, when they largely changed to TIM’s – though I think they used both types for a while. They were very much prone to being fiddled – the driver/conductor inserting something between the ticket and its carbon copy to allow the correct fare to be written on the ticket and a lesser one to be entered onto the copy. I recall details of a court case appearing in the local newspaper where a number of staff had been prosecuted for this crime and subsequently sacked. I had quite a large collection of both types, but foolishly lent them to someone and never got them back. So this is the only Hebble ticket in my collection now. A small number of Setright Speeds were acquired by the late 1960′s – probably to replace the last few Bellgraph………. sorry……..Automacheckits. It seems surprising that the back of the ticket shows that the roll was provided by the B.P. Co. – surely a rival manufacturer to TIM.

Photograph and Copy contributed by John Stringer


24/03/12 – 11:16

Since supplying the above, I have recently read a document detailing the winding up of Hebble’s assets in 1971. Regarding Ticket Machines…..

Transferred to Yorkshire Woollen were:
1 Mark I Decimal Setright for electric operation
42 Mark II Decimal Setright for electric operation
10 Mark I Decimal Setright – Hand Operated
34 Setright Motor Units

Surplus to requirements, none converted to decimal:
26 Mark I Setright – Hand Operated
22 Almex
56 T.I.M.
12 A.T.M. (Is this Automacheckit Ticket Machine ?)
11 T.I.M. Electric Drives

John Stringer


24/03/12 – 18:27

Yes – the Automacheckit (Bellgraphic) was referred to by Hebble in their faretables and conductor instructions as the "A.T.M.". It was introduced by Hebble about 1944.
The first Setrights were introduced in 1957.
TIMs, which were a special model (the TIM Model 15) which could issue tickets for either the A (or "Red" area – where fares were apportioned with Halifax CPT) or B area (pure Hebble area) and kept a separate count of each, came in from 1959.
Almexes were introduced in 1963. These also accounted for A and B area fares.
For a period up to about 1964, there were three systems in simultaneous use: Bellgraphics and TIMs (Halifax and Bradford depots), and Setrights, (Bradford depot).
The Almexes may have replaced the last of the Bellgraphics (at Halifax), but faretables dated July 1965 still refer to waybills catering to all four types of machine. It seems that Hebble must have kept a few Bellgraphics "just in case". The machines were usually rented but perhaps by 1971, Bell Punch had written them off.
The asset disposal list is interesting. Some of the Setrights passed to West Riding eventually after YWD and West Riding came under joint control. Some of the TIMs passed to collectors (I have one), but the fate of the Almexes is unknown.

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