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T Severn & Sons Ltd – TIM

T Severn TIM

T. Severn & Sons Ltd., Dunscroft near Doncaster was originally based in Stainforth and traded under the fleet name of ‘Cressy’, but in my recollection they always operated under the Severn’s identity.
The fleet livery was green with cream relief, and the preference in double deckers was for Leylands. They had a number of Leyland and Roe-bodied Titans, and some very fine Leeds-like Roe-bodied PD3′s – two of which even had Pneumo-Cyclic gearboxes. They were eventually swallowed up by the South Yorkshire P.T.E.

Photograph and Copy contributed by John Stringer


28/03/12 – 11:47

The green-edge was a Severn’s speciality. This was not an indication that the end of the roll was nigh, but applied to the entire roll.
They were the only one of the Doncaster independents that used TIMs (the others being United Services, Felix, Blue Line and Reliance) to indulge in this. Wigan Corporation had similar rolls but with a blue edge for many years.

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