Old Bus Tickets

Huddersfield Corporation – Ultimate


Though all but one of these carry the ‘Huddersfield’ title, note the odd 2d ticket above showing ‘Huddersfield J.O.S’. I often used to ride from Halifax to Huddersfield, and around Huddersfield itself on J.O.C. services and all the tickets showed ‘Huddersfield’ only. I occasionally rode on the Corporation’s trolleybuses too, and I’m sure they were the same. Does anybody know what the J.O.S. ticket is all about? Does it date from an earlier time?


These later Ultimate tickets replaced the earlier version, having the fare overprinted in a contrasting colour – presumably to save printing costs. All the tickets shown here were supplied by Bell Punch London.

Photograph and Copy contributed by John Stringer


11/04/12 – 06:13


You might like to add the attached to the current posting of Huddersfield Ultimates. As you see it was a special issue for the last week of the trolleybuses.

Stephen Ford