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Crosville – Setright Speed


Here is a standard Setright Speed from Crosville Motor Services, about 1962 I think. Green printing on a cream-coloured paper. I have never quite understood what was the purpose of the various formats and boxes printed on the reverse of different operators’ Setright Speed ticket rolls. I can only say that I don’t ever remember a conductor using them in any way, shape or form. The ticket was issued during a holiday to Llandudno. From the small fare, it almost certainly represents a journey between Llandudno town centre (Trinity Square) and the West Shore, where we were staying. There were three possible routes – M19 (Conway Morfa) – operated by Bristol Lodekkas, and leaving town via Madoc Street, Lloyd Street, Deganwy Avenue, Gloddaeth Avenue, Great Ormes Road and Bryniau Road; M20 (Llanrwst) – operated by single deckers – usually SC4LKs, but occasionally a half-cab L5G, taking the same route as the M19; and finally the local M95 (Maesdu and Deganwy) – invariably an SC4LK, running via Trinity Road, Dyffryn Road, Alexandra Road and Bryniau Road.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Stephen Ford


The punch squares on the reverse were only for transfers and little used but are explained in the following Chief Inspector’s instruction:
"Instructions Relating to the Issue of Through Return Tickets where a Change of Vehicle is Required
1. The Conductor will issue the ticket in the normal way but in addition punch it with the cancellation punch in "No 1" (back of ticket) according to the direction of travel in order to indicate to the Conductor of the vehicle on which the passenger completes his journey that the ticket is a through ticket.
2. When the passenger tenders the ticket to the Conductor on the second vehicle on which he completes the journey the Conductor, after having satisfied himself that the ticket is valid for the journey, will punch it with the cancellation punch in "No 2" (back of ticket).
3. When the passenger tenders a RETURN ticket to the Conductor on commencement of the return journey the same procedure will apply as in (1) and (2) above. In addition the Conductor will punch the ticket with the cancellation punch in the appropriate date of the day.
4. When a passenger tenders a Return Ticket on the vehicle on which he is COMPLETING his RETURN journey, it should be noted that the date of the completing journey should be the same as the date "PUNCHED" by the Conductor dealing with the first part of the passenger’s RETURN journey and finally cancel the ticket through the machine in the usual way."

Mike Grant


16/05/12 – 09:00

Was there any ticket left by the time all of these holes had been punched in it?

David Todd