Old Bus Tickets

Accrington Corporation – Gibson


Sometime ago there was an excellent posting by Stephen Ford for the West Bridgford UDC Gibson bus ticket, in one of the comments it was pointed out that Accrington Corporation also used them at one stage. I new I had one somewhere it did take a while to find it but here it is. One thing I thought that was slightly different is the advertisement on the reverse on most of the Gibson and TIM tickets I have not many have advertisements on them. I also note that the length of ticket at 115mm is quite a bit more than the London Transport 80mm and the West Bridgford UDC at 85mm so the length of ticket was obviously variable but I think the Accrington ticket must of been somewhere near the maximum possible.


08/03/11 – 14:53

You are right about the variable length of the Gibson tickets. The Douglas Corporation ones in my possession were about 92mm and the Athens one 100mm.

Stephen Ford

Accrington Corporation – T.I.M.

Accrington Corporation TIM Bus TicketI am sorry about the dark patch on the left I made the stupid mistake of sticking my tickets into an album with sellotape and the T.I.M. tickets have come out worse for it. As well as the T.I.M. system Accrington Corporation also used Gibson tickets which were similar to the T.I.M. but the ticket was printed portrait rather landscape.


22/07/11 – 07:59

Wow its a 21 (6+2+5+8)
Lucky number. We used to add the numbers on the way back from school in Accrington looking for a 21.