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Cumberland Motor Services Ltd – Setright Speed

Cumberland Motor Services Setright Speed Bus Ticket

Cumberland Motor Services reverse Setright Speed Bus Ticket This operator Cumberland Motor Services does not have its name on the front of its ticket but on the reverse instead which is a bit rare in my collection. If you notice on the top of the ticket it has the days of the week SU-SA but after SA there is FC does anyone know what FC stood for if you do please leave a comment.
Cumberland Motor Services was originally established as Whitehaven Motor Services in 1912 but in 1921 an half interest in the company was taken by the British Automobile Traction Ltd and it was then that the operating name changed to Cumberland Motor Services. Up to being totally taken over by the British Transport Commission in 1953 the company had a long history of taking over many small independent operators far too many to mention in this post.



08/08/11 – 18:35

I thought you may like to see the Cumberland Motor Services Setright Speed ticket from my collection it is more to the normal style.