Old Bus Tickets

Sages Motor Services – Bell Punch


This Sages Motor Services ticket has been punched on the right hand side at more less number 8. This denotes that the person who bought this ticket bordered at or after fair stage 8 but before stage 9 on the outward bound journey. Looking at Nigels superb timetables below it may be fair to assume that Colchester Market Day was on Wednesday due to the extra services laid on but I am only assuming. The above ticket was printed by Bell Punch Company London.

C J W Sage who ran a service from Great Bromley (4 miles east of Colchester) to Colchester until 1952 when the business passed to J D Best. Best was followed by Catt & Swinn and finally Vines Luxury Coaches. The last named ceased abruptly in July 1973 when the service but not the business passed jointly to D R MacGregor (Hedingham & District) and Eastern National.

Below are two shots of timetables featuring Sages Motor Services the first is from December 1939 and the second from Spring 1947.

Thanks to Nigel Turner for the information regarding Sages Motor Services and for the two excellent shots of the old timetables.