Old Bus Tickets

Isle of Man Road Services – Automacheckit

Isle of Man Road Services - Automacheckit Bus Tickets You may be interested in the Automacheckit tickets above, they are for two and two halves from Isle of Man Road Services, round about 1963.

Automacheckit was used for all of the main interurban services, although they had Ultimate machines for the Douglas – Onchan run, which was really a Douglas outer suburban route. I think Setright Speeds were introduced later, to the relief, no doubt, of the conductors – and even more so, drivers on one man operated services. 
The specimens shown were actually exchange tickets issued for the return journey, the original return tickets issued on the outward journey being retained by the conductor (just in case the Automacheckit system wasn’t already sufficiently bureaucratic and time-consuming!) So, yes, the conductor on the outward journey laboriously filled out four separate tickets and took the money. The conductor on the return journey then had to repeat the whole process – without even the satisfaction of taking any revenue.
Interpreting, the journey was "P Erin (or PE) to Dg" (that is Port Erin to Douglas). Date "27" or in one case "27/8". The sundry box quotes the fare shown on the original ticket (5/- and 2/6 respectively). The fare boxes are crossed through, and the child tickets marked "C". A sure recipe for inducing writer’s cramp.
Issued on a fairly full all-Leyland PD2, which seemed to be the mainstay of the island services at the time. Tin front Leylands were only just being introduced, and were used almost exclusively on the Douglas – Onchan service. Single deckers were, I think, mainly Tiger Cubs. In the north there were one or two Bedford OWBs operating from Ramsey on a complicated circular route that served the villages Bride, Andreas, The Lhen, Cranstal, Point of Ayre and Jurby in various combinations and sequences, and carrying the amusing destination display "ANDREAS ETC."

Photograph and Copy contributed by Stephen Ford