Old Bus Tickets

Arthur J Long – Bell Punch

A J Long Bell Punch Bus TicketHere we have another workers weekly ticket and as can be seen had been used four times. At a cost of 6/6d which would of been quite a lot when this ticket was issued I would of thought that this is a return ticket. I wonder why the ticket was not clipped on both sides the left for inbound and the right for outbound, unless it was a single ticket.
A. J. Long of Glemsford worked services from Clare to Sudbury and to Bury St. Edmunds. He was certainly in business by January 1928 when he bought a new Chevrolet. Significant expansion came in September 1943 with the acquisition of Brown, Glemsford. Post War, the business was run by Edward F. Long trading as A. J. Long which is the ticket above with the fleet painted in blue and white. On August 18th 1958 he sold out to Corona Coaches of Acton near Sudbury. Sadly that business failed after operation on Sunday August 9th 1959 following the sudden death of one of the directors. The ex Long routes passed to Harry Stanhope Theobald of Long Melford whose family retained them until the early 1990s when the main service to Sudbury passed to its current operator Beestons (Constable Coaches) of Hadleigh.

Thanks to Nigel Turner for the information regarding Arthur J Long


01/09/11 – 07:14

Members of the Essex Bus Enthusiasts Group recently enjoyed a tour around rural Suffolk in a pair of Bedford OBs courtesy of Felix Coaches of Long Melford. As we passed through Glemsford our driver pointed out an ordinary looking shop and then invited us to look at the side of the building. From that viewpoint we could well believe him when he told us that the premises had once been the garage of A.J.Long which just goes to show what can remain even if an operator closed over fifty years ago.

Nigel Turner