Old Bus Tickets

Hebridean Transport Ltd – Setright Speed


Here is another offering, from a rather distant part of the kingdom – a front and reverse shot of a Setright Speed from Hebridean Transport of Stornoway, in the Isle of Lewis. From memory it was issued about 1972, and was a return from Stornoway to HT’s most distant terminus at Portnaguran. At the time there were a number of operators serving various routes radiating from Stornoway. Many of them were sporadic services that ran no more than once or twice a day. Mitchells probably had the largest network, with routes extending to Carloway circular – out via Callanish, return via Barvas or vice versa; Ness; North Tolsta via Back; and four Stornoway local services (Marybank, Newmarket, Plasterfield and Melbost). Lochs Motor Transport ran to Lochs and, I think, Lemreway. Galson Motors shared the Ness service with Mitchells. Tarbet Garage operated about twice a day from and to Tarbet, the ferry port in Harris. Hebridean Transport operated a fairly regular service to a number of points on the Eye peninsular (the bit that sticks out to the east of Stornway). Most of the operators seemed to run very similar (and elderly) Bedford SBs – Hebridean Transport’s were red and cream, as were Galson and Lochs Motor Transport – although slightly different shades. Mitchells were dark blue.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Stephen Ford