Old Bus Tickets

Oldham Corporation – Setright Speed

oldham_ss This Setright ticket is from Oldham Corporation Passenger Transport Department, (to give it its full title), although the ticket only shows the shortened title of Oldham Corp. Trans. Dept.
This ticket is beige and has a blank reverse.
The main Depot at Wallshaw Street was opened on 23rd May 1938, (it is still used by First Group,) from where Local Town Services, and joint services to the adjacent towns of Ashton, Rochdale, Staleybridge, The City of Manchester, and the Urban District of Saddleworth – in the West Riding of Yorkshire, were operated.
The Setright Speed ticket machine was introduced to Oldham Corporation in 1956 for use on the extensive network of Limited Stop Services, which were operated jointly with Manchester Corporation, Rochdale Corporation, and the North Western Road Car Company, who had a Depot in the town.
Previous to this, the Punch type ticket system was used, using Williamson punches.
Oldham Corporation, along with the other 10 Municipal Operators in the Manchester area, was absorbed into the South East Lancashire and North East Cheshire Passenger Transport Executive (SELNEC) on the 1st November 1969.
After this date Setright tickets showing the title ‘SELNEC’ were used, after the old stock of OCPTD tickets had run out.
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Photograph and Copy contributed by Stephen Howarth