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Delaine Coaches Ltd – Bell Punch

Delaine Coaches Ltd - Bell Punch Bus Ticket

Delaine Coaches of Bourne, Lincolnshire is still operating a superbly professional business and is one of the all time classic operators, and the Delaine-Smith family are still very much in control. Their standards of service, presentation, and vehicle maintenance are of the very highest and have to be experienced to be believed. I have been on Society visits to the depot and everything is most impressive. Their two preserved double deckers, both with full class 6 MOTs for public hire, are a joy to behold. Their latest fleet additions are new Volvo B9TL double deckers, and in present times that really says it all.  Several "in house" publications are available, giving detailed photographic and descriptive coverage of the Company’s origins, history, and present day activities. A dignified but quietly very witty notice appears on the cab door of the one person operated vehicles – it reads  "Its our BUSiness to get you there."  In this World of zany and meaningless marketing "blurb" throughout the industry I think that this is a classic gesture from one of the most splendid independent operators, and "speaks a thousand words."

Copy contributed by Chris Youhill


30/05/11 – 10:39

And three interesting and well illustrated books have been published about the history of this operator. The third book – ‘Delaine, 120 years of service" – by Peter Moore brings the story up to date to 2010.



01/12/11 – 09:12

I agree wholeheartedly with Chris about the quality of the Delaine operation and vehicles. I see them regularly on their two core routes out of Peterborough to Bourne and Stamford. Another feature which is pure quality is the ‘London Transport’ tube-style route maps which the Delaine vehicles have on their saloon ceiling cove panels.
Many of the big operators could learn a lesson from Delaines. A superbly classy two-tone blue livery as well.

Philip Halstead