Old Bus Tickets

Henry Hulley and Sons – Automacheckit


hy_hully_auto_rearA couple of Automacheckits from Henry Hulley and Sons of Baslow, one of two Derbyshire independents (the other was J H Wooliscroft/Silver Service of Darley Dale) who eventually came together under Silver Service management, but Hulley’s name. Hulley’s survives to this day, but of course, they don’t use Automacheckit machines any more (does anybody?!) Clearly they didn’t make a meal of it, as Isle of Man Road Services did – just the fare placed in the relevant box – notice the over or under one shilling options.
I believe the tickets were issued some time in the 1960s and were for a journey from the famous plague village of Eyam, to Grindleford railway station, which stands at the western end of the 3 mile long Totley tunnel on the Manchester – Sheffield line. Not sure what the bus was, as I did not participate in that trip – I think the passengers (didn’t do customers in those days – passengers travel, customers only pay!) were my parents and sister.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Stephen Ford


07/07/11 – 14:35

I have two of these tickets, as above, co-joined. I was just looking up the company, unheard of down here in Devon, and your interesting news piece turned up.



09/07/11 – 07:22

Well, Dan, coincidentally I also live in Devon now!

Stephen Ford


12/07/11 – 05:57

One can only speculate what the vehicle would have been in the 1960′s but it would have been one of the fantastic fleet of second hand vehicles, lovingly maintained by the Hulley family offering a friendly and reliable service to beautiful but sparsely populated areas of the Peak District, one which was very highly regarded by the local residents. I think that when the Hulley family finally decided to retire, they had managed to keep going through some very lean times by the market day traffic to Chesterfield and Bakewell markets.

Chris Barker