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South Notts – Insert Setright & Setright Speed

South Notts - Inserted Setright SpeedSouth Notts - Inserted Setright Speed

South Notts - Setright Speed Bus Ticket

South Notts was based in the village of Gotham (pronounced Goat-em) – famous for the legend of its three wise men. It had a distinctive livery of dark blue and a purplish mauve. Although the company was run as a separate business, I believe Bartons owned 51% of the shares. The main route was from Nottingham to Loughborough via Clifton, Gotham and East Leake, with various short workings at the Nottingham end. There was also a more sporadic service between Nottingham and Barton in Fabis, Thrumpton, West Leake and Kegworth. The vast Clifton estate was built on land acquired by Nottingham city council in about 1950. This was traditional South Notts territory, and they obligingly operated numerous duplicates to accommodate the construction workers. When folk started moving in South Notts made a bid to run the lucrative service between the estate and the city. NCT claimed it as their own, and the question eventually went to an enquiry. As a result the estate services were operated jointly by NCT, South Notts and West Bridgford UDC (through whose territory the route also passed). The Great Central railway bridge on Wilford Lane imposed a lowbridge restriction. For this reason all of South Notts’ double deckers were already lowbridge, and NCT had to acquire some – originally second hand Utilities, later some very tasteful Park Royal bodied Regent IIIs. The Insert Setright ticket was issued in the early 1960s for a trip from Gotham to Nottingham on one of the ex-Ribble Leyland PD2s. I do not remember where I got the Setright Speed.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Stephen Ford


23/11/11 – 07:13

South Notts had their own Insert Setright Machines originally but acquired some ex Barton examples later. S. Notts used type A which only showed the stage numbers so each class had to have a separate type of ticket. The Barton LR.Ds were type C which printed the class so this feature was not used by S. Notts. South Notts bought 21 LR.D model Insert Setrights and later had SMB Speeds.

Allan T Condie