Old Bus Tickets

Nottingham City Transport – Ultimate & Souvenir


Having waxed lyrical about Nottingham City Transport, I guess its time to show a few tickets. Here is a range of their Ultimates, although I understand that during the war and just after, NCT used T.I.M. machines. I have seen images of some printed in a rather lurid green ink.

There are few matters of note here. First, it will be seen that NCT refused to be in the pocket of their local ticket printer, Hunt and Colleys. For a number of years in the 1960s, they placed orders with "Oller Ltd. London" and there are also "Bell Punch" prints as well. There was a correspondent who worked for Hunt and Colleys, and I wonder if he will want to comment on this.


Second, I draw your attention to the 1d "WB" issues, which I referred to in connection with the West Bridgford tickets. These were used as an aid to revenue allocation, for journeys on the joint services that were wholly within the West Bridgford UDC area.

Third, you will notice that the double 2½d ticket is an "end-of-the-roll" issue, the two tickets not having consecutive numbers. Fare-printed tickets (Ultimate or Bell Punch type) were regarded as equivalent to cash, so you did not throw away the end of the roll. The first ticket on Ultimate ticket rolls incorporated a gummed strip of paper (complete with sprocket hole) so that it could be attached to the last ticket of the old roll. The brown paper on the reverse can just be seen round the sprocket hole.


Finally, in addition to the Ultimates, I have also included a souvenir ticket, issued to mark the end of trolleybus operations on 1st July 1966.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Stephen Ford


17/09/11 – 18:10

From my memories of Bournemouth, the gummed section to join the end of an Ultimate roll to the beginning of a new one was called a "Moose end". I seem to remember that it had MOOSE printed on it a couple of times.

Bill Nichols


12/07/12 – 09:04

From my travels on Manchester school buses, around 1958:- A Bell Punch Ultimate double ticket, the last of one roll and first of the next being joined by sticky tape with "MOOSE" printed on each half, was the schoolboys equivalent of a Penny Black:- a "Double Moose". The ultimate prize.

Peter Horsfall


12/07/12 – 12:23

Although I don’t ever remember seeing one, I guess the crown jewels in Nottingham would have been a "Double Moose" with one ticket from a Hunt and Colleys roll and the other from an Oller Ltd! There must have been a few issued around the time of the change in supplier – nearly as rare as hen’s teeth, but unnoticed by most recipients and just dropped in the used ticket bin!

Stephen Ford