Old Bus Tickets

Sheffield Corporation – Edmondson

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Again, I am not sure where this came from, but it is a reminder of a by-gone age – a railway type "Omnibus Ticket" for Sheffield Corporation. In any railway station you would find a rack of handbills printed on cheap (newsprint grade) paper, advertising "Trips By Train." Many of them were to the nearest seaside resorts, or other leisure destinations – Dudley Zoo, Trentham Gardens, London or wherever. Excursion trains (additional to the normal timetabled service) were provided, and in order to give maximum value for money they often didn’t get home to the starting point until late at night, after ordinary city bus services had finished. So arrangements were made for special buses to be laid on to take excursion passengers home. (People who took trips by train were unlikely to own cars, and for such folk, taxis were an unheard-of extravagance!) Tickets were offered at the station booking office to people buying train excursion tickets. So the right number of buses could be organised to take pre-booked passengers home. This Sheffield issue was obviously a standard print, supplied to both main stations. I guess Sheffield, (like Nottingham with which I am more familiar), ran these buses on a variety of routes, so there was probably a bit more admin. for the booking clerk – to make sure that the right number of buses were supplied to serve each area of the city.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Stephen Ford