Old Bus Tickets

Brumptons Bus Service – Bell Punch


I know nothing of this little operator, presumably now defunct, but a friend has given me this interesting pack of three ha’peny tickets. The "in house" advertisement on the reverse is tidily laid out, and the vintage telephone number was no doubt connected by a lady with her plugs and leads and "speak up you’re through" in those days.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Chris Youhill

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23/03/11 – 06:28

There doesn’t seem be a lot recorded about this operator but I can say that in 1966 W.E., R.E. and R.N.Brumpton trading as W.E.Brumpton & Sons ran five Bedford/Duple coaches in a red, maroon and cream livery. Brumpton Coachways Limited was formed on April 1st 1976 but was dissolved on February 28th 1991. The telephone number indicates that they had the thirty second phone in Dunham on Trent, originally the local exchange number would be 0 and the numbers were then allocated sequentially. Later on 200 was added to all of these low numbers at each exchange so as to leave 1 to 199 free. This is why many old established businesses still have phone numbers ending in "2xx".

Nigel Turner


24/03/11 – 17:15

From various "Bus lists on the web" the following new vehicles were received by Brumptons :
AAL109H Bedford SB5 0T476484 Plaxton 708105 C41F 1970 AAL110H Bedford VAL 70 9T469786 Plax 708364 C53F 1970 XNN621M Bedford YRT CW454876 Plax 733541 C53F 1973 JRB914N Bedford EW454166 YRQ Plax 7510QC095 C45F 1975 KVO701P Bedford EW454540 YRQ Plax 7510QC120M C45F ’75 GCH985V Bedford YLQ JW455031 Plax 7910QC048 C45F 1979 XRA61Y Bedford DT101206 YNT Plx 8311NTP1C027 C53F ’83
I also discovered a passing reference to school travel from Woodbeck to Retford with Brumpton’s during WW2. (Woodbeck being the actual location of Rampton high security psychiatric hospital).

Stephen Ford