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Major’s Coaches – Bell Punch


I have absolutely no idea about Major’s Coaches maybe you do if so please get in touch by the usual way. I Googled Major’s Coaches Bus Services but nothing came up so I thought I would give Bing a try that came up with exactly the same 1d ticket numbered Hd 7189 for sale on ebay. The seller appears to know as much as me about Major’s Coaches Bus Services and that is absolutely nothing.

If you know anything about the above operator please get in touch by the comment link below or click here to go to the contact page.


24/03/11 – 06:24

Well I may be completely wrong but the only Major’s Coaches I’ve ever heard of was an operator based in Worksop, Notts which was taken over by East Midland in 1955. I’m afraid I know nothing about them, presumably they had a stage service in the Worksop area which would account for two double deckers in a fleet of five vehicles taken over by EMMS. Three, including the deckers were not used by EM but a couple of Dennis coaches were operated for a few years.

Chris Barker


30/11/11 – 15:38

Yes, Majors Coaches were taken over by East Midland in 1955; they had two double deckers at the time of takeover, an Arab I with Strachan body (BRD815) new to Reading Corporation, and an Arab III with Irvine body new to Irvine of Salsburgh.
There was also a Bedford OB bus new in 1946 and two Dennis Lancets, one with Gurney Nutting and the other with Burlingham bodies. The Burlingham bodied example came from Batty Holt of Blackpool, the other was new to Major.

Allan T Condie


29/03/12 – 09:13

The two double deck buses one which had the 6lw engine in was broken up in a pub yard at Balborough in Derbyshire. After sale one of the Denis Lancets was used for many years by Graysoft of Mablethorpe Lincs. They operated a stage carriage run from Worksop via Hodthorpe and Whitwell to terminate at Bakestone Moor. They also operated colliery runs to and from local collieries. The depot was on Sandy Lane Worksop and is still standing today used by small businesses.

Ian Bennett