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Silver Star Motor Services (Carleton) – Bell Punch & Willebrew

Silver Star (Carleton)_lr                         From the Sidney R G Page collection

This is the first of many tickets that will appear on the Old Bus Tickets website from the Sidney Page collection which was donated to the site by his son Lee. I think quite a lot of people are going to appreciate his good gesture. Thank you Lee.

I was quite surprised when I came across the above two tickets as having lived near Skipton for few years and in the Aire valley for more than a few years but I have never heard of Silver Star Motor Services. Well, that is not strictly correct I had heard of a Silver Star bus operator from down south way but not one from Carleton in Craven, a small village near Skipton, North Yorkshire.
The route on the perforated return ticket is Skipton to Bradley another small village approximately 2½ miles south east, the full name being Low Bradley, via Carleton which is 1½ miles south west of Skipton. Now knowing the area quite well I am curious as to the actual route taken. First one as to remember that neither of the Skipton bypasses would have been built when Silver Star were running the service. So did they leave Skipton by the A59 Colne road take a left at the railway station to Carleton, it is at this point that I get curious either they then went on to Connonley then over the railway line to take a left on the A629 to Bradley. If not that route then they must nearly have returned to Skipton after Carleton via Carleton Road to meet the A629 at the Skipton Hospital then taken a right to Bradley. I do hope somebody reads this that knows and gets in touch.
I have Googled Silver Star Motor Services Carleton and there is actually a ‘Silver Star Body Repair Centre’ which is located next to Carleton Social Club, I wonder if they are a descendent of the bus operator. There is a Carleton website I may email them maybe someone can answer my bus route query, watch this space as they say.
Up to press the above two tickets are all I have come across, but it is a very big box. If I come across any more tickets that may detail any other routes that they may have operated, although somehow I think they were a one route operator, I will update the above shot.
By the way whilst going through Mr page’s collection I also came across Setright Insert tickets from the Silver Star Motor Services operating from the Cathedral City of Salisbury in Wiltshire, they must be the one from down south way, but that’s another posting on another day. Mind you I know less about them than I do about the northern Silver Star.
I’m beginning to think that I’m not the right person to run this website.


28/03/11 – 10:30

This particular Silver Star was the trading name of Mr J T Hey of Carleton. I can’t help with details of the exact route, but Mr Hey sold out to Ezra Laycock in the summer of 1961 at which time there were three Bedford OBs in his fleet. The service passed in turn from Laycock to Pennine who I believe still operate it although the post-deregulation era is like a different planet to me. There was also (at least!) Silver Star of Chorley in Lancashire (run by the Freeman family and taken over by Ribble in 1930) and a Welsh version, Silver Star of Upper Llandwrog near Caernarfon. The latter is (as far as I know) the sole survivor of the various Silver Star bus companies

Neville Mercer


28/03/11 – 10:30

J T Hey was the owner of Silver Star and the business was in operation by May 1930 when Skipton Urban District Council allocated two bus stands in Caroline Square to it for services to "Carleton, Bradley and Broughton Road". The business was sold to Ezra Laycock Limited of Barnoldswick in August 1961. Three Bedford OBs were acquired as part of the takeover but were only used for a couple of weeks. There were two separate services, Skipton – Carleton and Skipton – Bradley, obviously the ticket was printed so that it could be issued on either service. Laycock’s business itself was sold at midnight August 11th 1972 to the Simpson family whose own bus operations had commenced at 8:30am on Christmas Eve 1925 as Pennine Motor Services. Their service 212 currently operates hourly between Skipton and Carleton.

Nigel Turner


First things first thank you Neville and Nigel for the information regarding Silver Star (Carleton) and the fact that the one ticket did two routes. I’m glad that is solved because try as hard as I could looking at the map as one route I could not see it working. Thanks also to Chris Youhill for the shot of one of the OBs owned by them, that will turn up on the Old Bus Photos website in the not too distant future.
As I said above that Mr Pages box is very big and I have come across a few more Silver Star tickets, a few more Bell Punch and some ‘Workers Weekly’ tickets based on the Willebrew system. I presume the ticket was cut away to leave the current week number showing, at least they only had to set it up once per week. Silver Star (Carleton)_2_lr


03/04/11 – 08:36

Considering that Silver Star was such a very small operator with short local routes the incredibly professional nature of the Workman Weekly tickets is quite amazing. Presumably either "M" or "F" was punched as an extra precaution (50% chance) against misuse by persons other than the purchaser.

Chris Youhill


03/04/11 – 08:38

As a regular reader of your site I was interested to follow the link to Silver Star on the old bus tickets website. I edit the Omnibus Society PHRG newsletter and we recently ran a fascinating, very comprehensive article "The Skipton Bus Scene in Summer 1928" with some great pictures. Anyone interested in your website could well be interested in what we offer – we are always after new blood. Details on the Omnibus Society website

David Grimmett


26/06/11 – 08:09

I can confirm that the current Silver Star Body Repair Centre is on the site of the old bus garage. I am part of the Carleton Village Archive group. We are holding our exhibition this weekend, our collection holds some photographs of the old silver star buses and the garage. These will be online soon at www.carletonvillagearchive.co.uk. I cannot help with the bus routes, but I’m sure some of our older residents can help.

Debby Richardson