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Kippax & District Motor Co – Automacheckit

kippax_auto                            From the Sidney R G Page collection

Kippax and District Motor Co was a subsidiary of the Wallace Arnold group and operated to the east of Leeds operating services from the small villages of Kippax via Garforth to Leeds. The reason for the wording ‘Yellow Bus Services’ under the Kippax name on the ticket is because that is what the locals called the bus service. Yellow Bus Services was formed in 1924 by the Watson Family and was taken over by Wallace Arnold in 1956 and renamed Kippax & District, but everybody just carried on calling it the Yellow Bus Service. Wallace Arnold sold Kippax & District and Farsley Omnibus Company another of their subsidiary’s in the Leeds area to Leeds Corporation on the 31st March 1968, no vehicles were involved in the sale, just the routes.


23/04/11 – 17:39

I’m most interested to see these tickets, particularly mint and unissued ones, as I never travelled with this Firm in its independent days. Perhaps I might respectfully just say that although "Yellow Bus Service" was indeed a familiar local name the vehicles were lettered as "Kippax and District" long before Wallace Arnold came on the scene. The core service was from the mining hamlet of Ledston Luck then via Kippax, Garforth, Crossgates to Leeds. A part time supplementary service was operated from Leeds via the main route to Garforth and then by a different part of that town to terminate at Garforth Ninelands. Works specials were run to the enormous World famous tailoring factory of Montague Burton in East Leeds. When I worked for Wallace Arnold we were occasionally lent to Kippax if they had a staff shortage as "all types" licences were required for many of the double deckers. My first ever trip was on a Saturday morning and, after I had assured the elderly conductress that I knew the way, I was soon to receive egg on my face as I sailed along the main road in Garforth enjoying every minute. Suddenly a carillon on the bell brought me to a halt – to be issued with a public warning by said lady who didn’t mince her words. I could have got my own back shortly afterwards when it became obvious that her command of arithmetic was non existent and I hate to think how many standing passengers were eventually on the 73 seater Leyland PD 3 !!

Chris Youhill