Old Bus Tickets

London General – Aspinall


London General trialled these machines in 1929 – believed to be at Cricklewood Garage on route 16. Similar machines were also trialled on the associated Metropolitan Electric and London United Tramways.
The fare, class and stage boarded were indicated by punch holes. It is not clear whether the machine registered how many of each fare value were issued, or whether accounting required the ‘dots’ to be counted.
A modified version of the machines were also used by mobile ‘Tote’ staff at race-courses.
A photo (probably posed) exists in the London Transport Museum’s collection – http://www.ltmcollection.org/photos/photo/link.html?IXinv=1999/11674

Photograph and Copy contributed by Jon

London General – Bell Punch


I have recently found an old bus ticket in a 1905 edition of a book – images of the ticket are above. It measures approximately 2.5 inches long and 1.25 inches wide.
From a brief look at the internet, it would seem that this ticket was issued sometime between 1908 when the London General Omnibus Co bought two other companies, and 1912 when LGOC was bought itself. Would you agree?

Photograph and Copy contributed by Jane Toms