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Sunderland Corporation – Setright Speed


S C T close up

Here is one to guess at, the only clue on the front of the ticket is as can be seen on the blow up S. C. T. The advertisement on the reverse is for an advertising agency in London who handle ads on buses and tickets so that doesn’t help I’m afraid.
One thing I find interesting is the numbers down the sides why is the 5 white out of red, is it coincidence that the ticket is dated May the fifth month do you think that tickets issued in June will have a white out 6.
So was this ticket issued by Southend Corporation Transport, Sheffield City Transport or maybe its another S C T if you know please let me know.


07/05/11 – 14:12

Not Sheffield, that would have been STD.

David Oldfield


07/05/11 – 14:15

S. C. T. = Sunderland Corporation Transport.
The ticket is actually dated May 11, from stage 5, issued by machine 101.
The numbers down the edge: as there are twelve, they are almost certainly the hours of the day. Sunderland had transfer tickets, ‘universal transfer returns" and the like, so the hour of issue may have been punched to prevent fiddling with these, but I can’t be sure.
Note early morning / late evening hours are on one side, and the main hours of operation are on the other.
Only the 5 was ever reversed-out on the various style rolls that Sunderland used. I think this was to give conductors a reference point to help them quickly punch out the right hour. The eye is drawn to the 5, from which you move left or right as appropriate.

David Harman
Transport Ticket Society


08/05/11 – 10:21

Glad to hear it. I’ve got one like that. I managed "Corporation (or possibly City) Transport" but the "S" had defeated me!

Stephen Ford


08/05/11 – 10:26

As David has said, Sunderland.
A (less common) "short range" Setright – i.e. only with a ‘pence’ dial.
Also quite rare to have the operator’s name / initials printed on a Setright ticket. Some small independents specified this, in part so they could use ‘stock’ ticket rolls rather than have a supply printed with their name on (the more usual practice with Setrights)
Not sure whether it would be the hour of issue (would this serve any purpose if it was available as a return?) or the hour of cancellation.



Next Saturday, in fact for the next three Saturdays there will be a different S. C. T. (abbreviation only) one each of a TIM, Ultimate and a Bell Punch and I have no idea about any of them, yet, so should be interesting what we come up with.

NO make that four Saturdays just found another TIM