Old Bus Tickets

London Transport (Pay as You Board) – NCR

LT pay as you board

This ticket (2⅛ x 1¾ inch) was issued during the 1945 ‘Pay as You Board’ experiment on route 65, for which one RT received rear platform doors, and one STL received front and centre doors. A similar experiment was carried out on two trolleybuses.
Passengers paid a seated conductor, and on the buses, a ticket machine derived from a NCR cash register (alongside a change machine) was used. A picture of the conductor’s desk on the STL can be seen on the London Transport Museum website – click here to view.
The experiment aimed to solve the problem of conductors missing fares on full buses, and was in consideration of employing disabled ex-servicemen as conductors. However, the conductor was less able to check on passengers over-riding, and delay was caused at major stops, as even with a large circulating area, it was necessary to wait until enough passengers had paid to allow all intending passengers on to the platform before the bus could leave.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Jon


12/06/11 – 10:47

There was also one Green Line RT used on the 721 (Aldgate – Brentwood) that had an NCR machine and PAYB as an experiment.

David Harman