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Birkenhead Corporation – Bell Punch

Birkenhead_bp                                 From the Sidney R G Page collection

A while ago there was a Birkenhead Setright Speed ticket posted so I thought I would post a couple of their former ticket system. One interesting reason for posting these tickets is that they were printed by Auto-Tickets Limited who were actually based in Birkenhead I have included a close up of the bottom of the ticket.


I have had a quick look through quite a few Bell Punch type tickets and so far this is the only one I have printed by them, on saying that you can bet I will come across one tomorrow. I thought Liverpool Corporation may have had their tickets printed just across the Mersey but apparently not I think they printed their own.


I have some Blackpool ‘bell punch’ tickets printed by Auto Tickets (some just show A-T)
Auto Tickets produced the ‘last tram week’ tickets for Liverpool – shown here.  – not sure about the tickets in regular use in earlier years.
Some operators did change suppliers of tickets from time to time.


Birkenhead Corporation – Setright Speed

Birkenhead R Wood ss

These couple of Birkenhead Corporation tickets are a slight cheat in that they are probably early 70′s (71 or 72) as although Birkenhead Municipal Transport had been swallowed up by MPTE in 69 it was some time before all vestiges of the former municipal operator disappeared completely and the old Setright tickets continued to be used on conductor operated services. They are most probably from the 85, 86 South Circle services which took an incredible amount of time to go anywhere and which I liked to travel on because no one else did.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Ron Wood


12/06/11 – 11:55

Both tickets were issued through Setright machines bought new by MPTE (see M prefix to the machine number), to replace the elderly Birkenhead (B-prefix) machines. Wallasey also used Setrights (W-prefix) and their machines were much newer, but they were withdrawn after the PTE took over too.
The pink rolls were originally for the Woodside Ferry, where a few Setrights were used for the tolls. Maybe there were large stocks in store after the PTE took over and they used them up on the buses.

David Harman


I have the following Birkenhead tickets from the Sidney R G Page collection, I think the horizontal lines are part of the design rather than indicating the end of the role all have the B-prefix.



By the way the top ticket is also printed on the reverse with an advertisement for the Birkenhead CO-OP.