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Durham District Services Ltd – Setright Speed

Durham District Setright Bus Ticket


Durham District Services operated under the management of United Automobile Services on behalf of the British Transport Commission. It was made up from the takeover in 1950 of Darlington Triumph Services Ltd, the Express Omnibus Company (Durham) Ltd and the A.B.C. Services of Ferryhill. Their Setright tickets were on a greenish paper rather than the usual beige I do not know if it had any thing do with their livery being green and cream.


As far as I know operators could simply choose what colour blank ticket rolls they preferred and I doubt if fleet liveries came into it. Samuel Ledgard’s tickets were light green whereas the buses were blue, and the nationalised West Yorkshire tickets were light yellow while the vehicles were red – an interesting theory though which may have applied in some cases, who knows now??

Chris Youhill


If there was a choice, not doubt operators exercised it in different ways and for different reasons, according to the whim of the person responsible. Midland Red had sort of salmon pink ticket rolls. Western and Southern National fawn. For many years Barton Transport used a cream coloured roll, but then went over to plain white on a much coarser paper. I guess the latter (plain vanilla!) might have been cheaper.

Stephen Ford


As usual, Chris Youhill is right. It was up to the operator to decide what colour roll to use, and it seems to have been just a matter of choice. As he says, West Yorkshire favoured a buff-coloured roll and their name only was used on all their services, including  Keighley-West Yorkshire and York-West Yorkshire. For K-WY and Y-WY conductors, who might have worked both joint service routes and WY routes, this avoided the need to change ticket rolls. However, for a short time in 1959, Y-WY did introduce an orange ticket, but they didn’t last long, and since they continued to be printed ‘West Yorkshire Road Car Co. Ltd.’ rather than ‘York-West Yorkshire’, there doesn’t seem to have been much point in the exercise.

Roy Burke


15/09/11 – 09:40

United used cream coloured Setright tickets.
With Durham Districts buses being Green, their tickets were likewise. One Conductor many years ago, told me that it helped passengers tell what bus they were on.



20/04/12 – 14:19

As a matter of interest the fronts of DDS Setright ticket machines were usually painted green too. The tickets themselves were always in the colours shown (i.e. purple print on green tickets with company name etc in black.

Alan Hall