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There is only one Pudsey that I know of and that is just outside Leeds. I am not going to go into great detail about K & S Service as I am sure I know someone who is very familiar with them and hopefully will send us one of his usual very detailed comments. I do have one question and it is I presume that Acres Hall to Calverley was the whole route.


21/06/11 – 23:00

Yes Peter, this is indeed the Pudsey between Leeds and Bradford (but not on the direct A 647 road). Kitchen’s depot was in Richardshaw Lane, Stanningley very close to the premises of the Farsley Omnibus Company – another small independent operator of just one stage carriage service. Kitchen’s sold out in late March 1957 – the bus service to Samuel Ledgard and the extensive and respected coach operations to the mighty Wallace Arnold who, coincidentally, also took over the Farsley Omnibus Company’s bus service from Pudsey to Horsforth and Tinshill. Kitchen’s four buses were taken by Ledgard and a fascinating quartet they were too, comprising two former Guy demonstrators and two Atkinson saloons which had been bought new.
Acres Hall to Calverley was the entire Kitchen’s route – well, almost – as virtually every journey went just a few hundred yards beyond Acres Hall estate to the Mills at Troydale. While at Ledgard’s I worked occasionally on all four of the Kitchen’s vehicles, and during my time at Wallace Arnold drove two of the old firm’s AEC Reliance/Plaxton beauties.

Chris Youhill