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North Western Road Car Co – Setright Speed

North Western SS

All of my experience of North Western Road Car Co. was away from their Stockport/Manchester base, on the fairly lightly used Matlock area services which were later taken over by Trent. The ticket was probably issued on the occasion of a hike undertaken with a school friend in the early 1960s. It relates to either the Matlock – Elton or Bakewell – Over Haddon – Monyash service. Obviously it is a Setright Speed, and you will note that the roll was reverse wound, so that the ticket was printed upside down. In addition to the rural services mentioned (and a few others), North Western operated one or two town services in Matlock, as well as being a joint participant with Trent in the Derby – Buxton route 4. They also shared the Nottingham – Ripley – Matlock – Buxton – Stockport – Manchester route X2 with Trent.

Photograph and Copy contributed by Stephen Ford


26/06/11 – 08:09

Thats’ the first time I’ve ever seen a roll "reverse wound" – what a strange phenomenon !!

Chris Youhill


27/06/11 – 06:32

These "reverse wound" rolls were quite common, at least with North Western. I have a couple of examples of that style of ticket and they’re both "upside down". Knowing North Western’s parsimony (they would turn short workings a quarter of a mile short of the terminus to save money), I wouldn’t be surprised if they were offered them at a lower price and accepted!

David Beilby