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Imperial Bus Service – Bell Punch

Imperial_Bus_Services                           From the Sidney R G Page collection

Here we have a Bell Punch ticket from an operator based in Windsor with three names, on the front of the ticket and from what I can tell also on the side of the buses the name of ‘Imperial’, on the reverse of the ticket ‘A Moore & Sons (Windsor) Ltd’ but it would appear that to the good people of Windsor the were called ‘The Brown Bus’. The Brown Bus name comes apparently from the fact that the livery was dark brown and cream. Another snippet of information I found was that their last service was Saturday 24th January 1987, it would also appear that most of the vehicles were second hand there are a few shots of some of the buses at this link. Anymore information regarding ‘Imperial’, ‘A Moore & Sons (Windsor) Ltd’ or ‘The Brown Bus’ greatly accepted


12/07/11 – 05:54

"London Transport Connections 1945 – 1985" by Philip Wallis gives potted histories of operators who strayed in to the LT area, including this company. Apparently Mr. Moore was a former London General bus driver who bought a five acre farm in Windsor in 1917. He used part of the site to start a carrier’s business which developed in to bus, taxi and removal operations. Three local services were operated, all of which connected Windsor with Dedworth. The company was dissolved on May 27th 1992.

Nigel Turner


16/07/11 – 09:28

The services got absorbed into Alder Valley North > Berks Bucks > Bee Line > First network, today the Dedworth area is part of First’s route 71 through to Heathrow, operated with Citaros.
Windsor still has an independent operator, in the form of White Bus Services of Winkfield, whose Windsor – Ascot service has been running since the 1920s, and requires permission from HM The Queen to run through Windsor Great Park.
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