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A W C Motor Service – Automacheckit


The company ‘AWC Service’ was actually A & C Wigmore of Dinnington South Yorkshire. The company was known as ‘Blue Wiggies’ due to the fleet colours as there was a ‘Wigmore Excelsior Coaches’ also in Dinnington but that was a different owner. AWC Service operated a service from Dinnington via Thurcroft, Whiston, Tinsley then into Pond St at Sheffield. They operated mostly Leyland buses both new and secondhand until the early mid 60s. Then they changed to Bedfords which they used for the next few years with one or two exceptions. The company was sold and became ‘Northern Bus’ and now I believe they have changed again. The Dinnington – Sheffield service was sold to the South Yorkshire PTE when it was ‘Northern Bus’.
For your info the ticket above was made out for Stage 1 to Stage 3 which was from Dinnington (Falcon Square) to Dinnington Colliery. This type of ticket was used up to about the 1960s when they switched to Ultimate type machines with tickets titled Transport Service I personally could never get on with the Ultimates..
The AWC on the tickets was always painted on the glass over the number rolls on the destination box. The service was numbered in the 70s to 208 something to do with the South Yorkshire PTE placing all bus services with numbers.

Copy contributed by Ian Bennett


05/04/12 – 07:08

I’m reasonably familiar with the history of this operator and the Dinnington service as far the Northern Bus era, I remember their very smartly presented Bristol RE’s and I seem to think they acquired other services and became a substantial operator but what happened to them? They seemed to disappear suddenly, were they bought out or did they encounter difficulties?

Chris Barker


06/04/12 – 16:33

A&C Wigmore Ltd went into liquidation c1987/8 and the assets and rights to the name, including "Wiggies" were purchased by Northern Bus Co.Ltd. Northern Bus operations but not the company itself, were sold to Mainline Group I think, around 1998.

DRH – Transport Ticket Society


10/04/12 – 11:07

Thanks for the info D.R.H a very sad end to a good family company.

Ian Bennett

S Morgan Ltd & R Store Ltd – Willebrew

S Morgan Ltd & R Store Ltd - Willebrew

Samuel Morgan of Armthorpe trading as ‘Blue Line’ and R. Store of Stainforth, trading as ‘Reliance’ were two independents operating out to the east side of Doncaster and became closely associated in 1949, they operated very similar vehicles in the same livery on joint routes.
Both were ardent Guy users, and both at one time had every Mark of Arab in service simultaneously – from Mk. I to Mk. V. Samuel Morgan also had an Arab UF, a LUF and a Warrior for good measure.
Sadly, like most of the other classic Doncaster independents, they eventually capitulated to the South Yorkshire P.T.E.

Photograph and Copy contributed by John Stringer

T Severn & Sons Ltd – TIM

T Severn TIM

T. Severn & Sons Ltd., Dunscroft near Doncaster was originally based in Stainforth and traded under the fleet name of ‘Cressy’, but in my recollection they always operated under the Severn’s identity.
The fleet livery was green with cream relief, and the preference in double deckers was for Leylands. They had a number of Leyland and Roe-bodied Titans, and some very fine Leeds-like Roe-bodied PD3′s – two of which even had Pneumo-Cyclic gearboxes. They were eventually swallowed up by the South Yorkshire P.T.E.

Photograph and Copy contributed by John Stringer


28/03/12 – 11:47

The green-edge was a Severn’s speciality. This was not an indication that the end of the roll was nigh, but applied to the entire roll.
They were the only one of the Doncaster independents that used TIMs (the others being United Services, Felix, Blue Line and Reliance) to indulge in this. Wigan Corporation had similar rolls but with a blue edge for many years.

DRH – Transport Ticket Society